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  • Never a Complaint!!!!

    I am a breeder or Labrador Retriever puppies and have sold several pups on this site. All of my adult dogs, I have one male and three females, have been OFA tested for hips and elbows and are either GOOD or EXCELLENT on hips and their elbows are normal and clear. I also have all of my adult dogs EIC cleared, all are negative, and they are all tested for CDM, PRA, Thyroid, and Cardiac problems before they have ever been bred. My adult dogs also come from some of the top show dogs not only in the US but in the world. All of my pups are wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks of age and have their... More...
    DockDogMan's Picture   DockDogMan    0 Comments   Comments
  • puppy mills? Receiving puppies that are not healthy?

    Hello, I just want to write this to say not in defense for this company but in defense for myself. I breed German Shepherds and I am not a puppy mill but I do sell my puppies on this website. I know that I can not be the only one to be like this but I do know there are puppy mills out there and believe that some may sell on this website. Its very sad, some of the stories I'm reading about receiving unhealthy puppies and I could never imagine ever selling a puppy to anyone that is like that not counting being on the receiving end. If anyone is interested in buying a perfectly healthy... More...
  • Buypuppies suing breeder

    Buypuppies also known as purebreeders. I am a breeder that sells on this website. I thought I would put my input on this website. I have had great experience so far except for a few things. First off if the buyer wants to speak to the breeder there is a rep on the other end. We first talk to the rep which informs us that we cannot talk about pricing, nor say the word "kennel". So some of us are forced to lie were our dogs are located. Their pricing is outrageous, i price my puppy at 500 300 shipping (which pays for vet check, health cert. flight, crate and gas). They rack it up... More...
    katkay's Picture   katkay    1 Comments   Comments
  • very ethical breeder

    I am a breeder of German Shepherds who has sold puppies through BuyPuppiesDirect. I have been very pleased with the homes in which they have placed our puppies and can attest to the thorough vet check-ups that we must comply with in order to ship a puppy, and they are NEVER younger than 8 weeks when shipped. We have also had the opportunity to speak with the purchasers prior to sending the pups. More...
    erinwebb's Picture   erinwebb    4 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    This company sells sick dogs. They used to be premium breeders but got so many complaints they changed their name after so many complaints. You will buy a sick dog, pay thousands of dollars in vet bills, the dog will die, you will sue them...and you wont get your money back because they hide their assets in offshore accounts. More...
    Bobjones's Picture   Bobjones    5 Comments   Comments
  • Happiest Puppy

    I wasn't sure about buying a puppy that I could not see or hold but took a chance. The day my puppy Mocha Bella was flying in we took 1/2 day off of work thinking she would be so scared being on the plane for hours. We were so wrong. When she first saw us her tail started whipping around and has not stopped. She is the sweetest most wonderful dog. More...
    tzuling's Picture   tzuling    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awesome People

    First of all I tried to get buy puppies direct to send me my puppy 3 days sooner than the 8 weeks guideline for my daughters birthday and there was no way they would do it! It turned out that they provided me with great pictures that we gave her on her birthday at her party and we got the puppy 4 days later. At the time I was mad but they were very responsible and even though at the time I wanted to get the puppy right away it turned out for the best. The puppy was perfect!!!!I think it ridiculous that people say crap like you just posted. I now have two great puppies from buy puppies... More...
    ds4964's Picture   ds4964    0 Comments   Comments
  • brokers for mills?

    Well I'm sure they do have puppies from mills on there site. If you look close at some of the pictures under Chihuahuas you will see cages, kennels & the person dirty finger nails holding this cute little Chihuahua puppy. I myself am a breeder and had listed a few of my puppies here... they do get the traffic and do sell a lot of puppies her and get a high price... we { breeders} put our price and they {BPD} add $500-600 more to the puppy. they make more then the breeder and they do not like fo r you to talk to the buyer, they charge extra shipping and only give us a set fee, they... More...
    hmmmm's Picture   hmmmm    2 Comments   Comments
  • Great Service

    Crazy Save the Dog World Animal Activists don't even take the time to research anything before blurting out Bad Reviews about Puppy Sale Sites and Kennels. Buypuppiesdirect is a Great Site and Unlike others they back up all puppies with a Lifetime Guarantee. They do all the sales work, but the breeder actually takes care of shipping or delivering the puppy to the new buyers. AND if a buyer requests to talk to a breeder direct, they just need to ask. All Breeders are Not Bad, and all Kennels are Not Puppy Mills. I have seen some of the most Beautiful, Spotlessly Clean, Air... More...
    wookieland's Picture   wookieland    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not use

    I purchased a puppy from the website, even though I had my doubts. Our puppy was 6 weeks old when it arrived, certainly not old enough to be away from its mother or old enough to travel. She was tiny and sick with pneumonia. It is completely irresponsible of both the breeder and the website to allow this to happen. I urge everyone to refrain from using the site. More...
    amog's Picture   amog    7 Comments   Comments
  • buyer beware

    My niece called this outfit today. I have owned and bred dogs for over 50 years and advised her to talk to the breeder directly before purchasing a dog via this website. They don't care what kind of home the dog is going to, they did not screen her at all, I think they are brokers for puppy mill puppies. There is no concern for where the dog is going, and they make it difficult to speak directly to the breeder. Think long and hard before you utilize these folks. More...
    cgulls's Picture   cgulls    0 Comments   Comments
  • super dog

    after losing my mini dachshund of 7 yrs to a sudden stroke I was devastated. My daughter showed me the mini doxie puppies on and I picked out a sweet little girl that looked like my Heidi. I call lil yasmin Molly Rose and she is the smartest and most loveable little pup. After her visit to our vet, he said she was in perfect health and very strong little pup. I have had her for 6 months now and she is still fabulous. i did have reservations about purchasing a pup on line, but Molly Rose is perfect and growing everyday. (now up to 10 pounds). she... More...
    dedleo's Picture   dedleo    0 Comments   Comments
  • not wanting to give information

    I wanted everyone to know that this company does not want to give information about the breeders and/or where the puppies are coming from. I also wanted to say that many people buy puppies/dogs from pet stores that come from puppy mills. This company does deal with kennels/puppy mills and you the consumer need to do your homework. If you decide to purchase a puppy from this site then please research everything carefully. All of your questions should be answered and no company should be tip toeing around your concerns. You are spending a lot of money and and you have the right to know... More...
    rosie's Picture   rosie    4 Comments   Comments
  • Hmmmmm

    Well I have a bit to say, I 'am a breeder of Chihuahuas........ and I thought I like this site until........... I found out they charge the buyer for the crate that I supply, I do all the leg work as far as the flying details, and they also change what I write in my Caption about My puppies...... When I "applied" to sell my Puppies at this site they screened me, and hard! and have a lot of rules...... well they did and one of them was no puppies to be placed for sale until 4 weeks OLD, well I see that has now changed, and I do not like the fact that they add words to my... More...
    birdsnflight's Picture   birdsnflight    4 Comments   Comments
  • Great Puppy!

    I just picked up my new puppy at the airport yesterday and it could not have went smoother. The people at were great! And best of puppy arrived clean and healthy and beautiful. It's obvious that she has been well cared for and has been socialized and it seems as though she has been crate trained too. She is 3 months old today and is already doing pretty well on her potty training. I can tell she is a smart dog and she accepted me as her new mama the minute our eyes met. She is so cuddly and follows me everywhere. I could not have asked for a more... More...
    Chloba's Picture   Chloba    0 Comments   Comments
  • loving again

    This company has helped make my family whole again. After the death of my little angel "snoopy", I didn’t think it would be possible to love an animal again. I was so empty inside and wanted someone to help me love again. I came across the adorable little puppies on their website and called the number. I spoke with a woman who was so caring. I cried and was able to get my feelings out, but also was made to realize that I have too much love to give to not get another dog. I now have a new love and a complete heart and this is all thanks to everyone there at More...
    scasey's Picture   scasey    1 Comments   Comments
  • Jack

    when i saw Jack’s little face on their website i fell in love and i had so many questions and didnt even know where to begin. i called the number on the website and was connected with a very sweet woman. she stayed on the phone with me for 45 min and answered all of my questions. needless to say I now have that adorable face sitting right next to me, and have gained a loving best friend. has made this all possible. i am so grateful and wanted to share my experience with everyone. More...
    hsara59's Picture   hsara59    1 Comments   Comments
  • what to do with allergies

    they helped me find the perfect puppy for my daughter who has severe allergies. most dogs and other animals were out of the question but when I decided to give the 800 number a call, i was not expecting anything to come of it.i spoke with a puppy counselor there and he helped me figure out which breeds would be best for my daughter. once we narrowed it down, we both decided on a goldendoodle. my daughter is so happy with her new buddy and i am so pleased with the service i received from this company. More...
    MichelleWill2's Picture   MichelleWill2    0 Comments   Comments
  • buypuppiesdirect online

    my name is kate and i have always thought about of owning a little tiny Maltese puppy. i had not owned a puppy befor so i didnt know what to expect or even how much work a new puppy would be. i came to and decided that i would just see what they had to offe me. All my questions were answered and they sat on the phone with me for almost an hour. By the time i received my puppy i felt like a pro! They made sure i was covered and any other questions that i had were answered in just the same way, with kindness and support. i could tell anyone regardless of dog experience to... More...
    bkate49's Picture   bkate49    0 Comments   Comments
  • company buypuppiesdirect

    My name is Evelyn and I am an older woman with some mobility problems who was just looking for a companion. I was very hesitant to even think about going online to buy a puppy. My friend directed me to their website and as a browsed around, found this little baby that I fell in love with. I called and spoke with a sweet woman who listened to me explain my lifestyle and my situation. She was able to help me find the best breed for me. My life feels fuller now that I have a little friend to spend my days with. I would like to say thank you to everyone there and everyone... More...
    EvelynK04's Picture   EvelynK04    1 Comments   Comments
  • Company BPD

    I picked up my westie puppy from the airport on a Friday afternoon and was so nervous about what I would see or what issues I would have to deal with, but just as I was told by the people at, my puppy arrived happy and healthy! He is such a sweet and loving boy. I now understand how much care and attention each breeder gives to their new puppies. I was so pleased with all the help I received from this company. I tend to be a worrier and doubt everything right away, but they were so patient with me, and have become people that I find myself wanting to call everyday just... More...

    I am a father of three and am constantly very busy. I had always wanted a Labrador puppy and with my three kids I figured this would be something that I would definitely do. I am always so busy and found myself too busy to make it happen. A friend of mine told me to go online which seemed easy enough and didn’t require much time. I found and was given so much detailed information right on the website that I was able to call in and with a few simple questions, found the perfect Lab puppy. My family is complete now and we can’t imagine how we ever got along... More...
    gdan28's Picture   gdan28    0 Comments   Comments
  • My New Puppy

    I just bought a puppy from this company. I wanted to let everyone who is considering buying new puppies know how wonderful my experience was. I was so well taken care of. All of my questions were answered, and I was given many tips on how to care for my new puppy. I felt like I was speaking with friends of my own, this is how much sincerity they have when helping a new puppy mommy! If you are thinking about adding a new puppy to your family, I recommend using them and their services. More...
    jamiek39's Picture   jamiek39    1 Comments   Comments

    My dad purchased a miniature dachshund named George the week before Christmas from My mom couldn’t be happier! We all love George. My mom changed his name to Teeco. He is a very well accepted new member of the family. I just want to say how wonderful the company is, they took care of everything. He is a healthy, happy boy and we LOVE him! Leanne More...
    LeanneH01's Picture   LeanneH01    3 Comments   Comments
  • Jazzy

    I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love my new puppy that I got with . I’ve named her Jazmine and I call her Jazzy. She is just as sweet as she looks.She slept on my bed all night. She is a wonderful dog with a great personality. I took her to the vet today and everything was good. Tomorrow she goes to the beauty parlor, which should be interesting. I just wanted to let everyone out there know how happy I am that I found and my new puppy!! More...
    pamc84's Picture   pamc84    3 Comments   Comments
  • The Perfect Yorkie!

    Hello my name is Tracey and my family and I were looking for a perfect breeder of Yorkies and put me in contact with the perfect one, it was the same breeder of Hannah Montanas dog!! We got our baby girl in September and named her Roxy. Well I am here to tell everyone that is the best at what they do! We are so happy with our baby girl! Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was truly the absolute best dog buying experience I have ever encountered and I want to tell the world! Thank you thank you thank you! More...
    TraceyM72's Picture   TraceyM72    1 Comments   Comments
  • Puppy of my dreams!

    I received my puppy from on Saturday and I am completely satisfied with her! She arrived clean, adorable, and with all her information and I just love her! She has such a great personality and after the first vet visit appears to be in great health. Thanks to for helping me get the puppy I have always dreamed of! More...
    Malissa's Picture   Malissa    2 Comments   Comments
  • Do Not buy puppies online

    I too almost made the mistake of buying a puppy from this site and I'm glad I did some researching and realized that this is not the best way to adopt/buy a puppy. When I contacted the company with some questions about a particular breed I was interested in, they sent me an email with paperwork for credit card authorization! I hadn't even gotten my questions answered and they were already pressuring me to get my paperwork submitted to them. They have little invested in the welfare of the puppy and alot invested in making a profit. Even though the breeder was located in the... More...
    tarepanda88's Picture   tarepanda88    4 Comments   Comments
  • Ringleaders of puppymills!!!!!!!

    Hello,my husband and I just did what some may say stupid and some may say safe if done right, we bought a pup online. This company seemed to be on the up and up we went through the process and found a dog that we liked and made the arrangements and when I picked the dog up and the airport I thought that it may have just been tired and wobbly from the trip, not so my $ 3139.00 ( supposed to be perfectly unharmed baby english bulldog is partially crippled because of fractured growth plates in both front legs and left back leg. has demadex mange, and came against the New Jersy vet's... More...


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